Bed Dressings

What is the best way to decorate a bed?  How many pillows/cushions are appropriate?  How many is too much? What size of pillows/cushions are best?

The answers depend on the style and size of the bedroom, and your personal taste and preferences.  It’s generally two cushions for a double, four for a King size bed and six or seven for a Super king size bed.  I personally prefer two cushions as I don’t want to spend time removing cushions before I go to bed.  I also like the cushions to support me when sitting up in bed.   I like cushions to offer a practical and decorative purpose.

A throw has become a contemporary addition to dressing a bed.  It’s a great comforter when you are feeling cold.  You can fold the throw or blanket halfway down the bed to reveal half of the duvet or you can fold it in three and turn it into a runner at the end of the bed.

When choosing throws and cushions try to co-ordinate the colours with each other.


The current trend in bed dressings at the moment are reversible duvet covers. This provides two different looks for the bed. With this reversible product you can change your bed daily just by flipping over the duvet.