Tracks & Poles

What to hang your curtains on – Tracks and Poles

Choosing the right Curtain Pole or Track can be tricky.   The choice is seemingly endless!  Whatever you choose must match the fabric and the room, be in proportion to the window and co-ordinate with the style of the curtains.  With knowledge of the different ranges available,  Sarah can guide you.

Sarah can supply and fit Poles and Tracks from all the major brands:   Cameron Fuller, Integra, Silent Gliss, Byron & Byron, Hasta, Rolls, Modern Country, Neo, Galleria, etc.


Tracks are often used on wide windows.  Weight here is also important as long interlined curtains in a heavier fabric will require an appropriately strong track for example.  Three brackets on a pole is not always strong enough for wide windows with heavy curtains.

Tracks can be corded, and are also a very good solution for bay windows where they can be supplied pre-bent to fit neatly.

Tracks and Poles are available across the price range.  As with many things, the trick is finding the right one.