Curtain Headings

The top of the curtain is known as a heading and depending on what pole or track you have, the most popular headings are:

1.  Eyelet.  Contemporary, fresh and practical, available in different sizes and colours

2.  Wave.  A new contemporary curtain heading with a smooth continuous wave effect.

3.  Pencil pleat.  Practical and cost effective tape heading

4.  Pinch pleat.  Triple pleat smart, classic and formal.

5.  Pinch Pleat.  Double Pleat  (also known as tulip pleat) Minimal, curtains stack back well.

6.  Goblet Heading.    Elegant, particularly eye-catching in dining rooms.

7.  Dropped Goblet.   Very grand and formal. Generally has contrast middle.

8.  Tab Top.  With ties instead if loops.  Good for adjusting length of curtains.

9.  Cottage style.  Simple yet effective, especially on small windows.

10.  Puff Ball Heading.  This is a very impressive curtain heading.  Generally found on dress curtains.

11. Single Pleat heading.  Sometimes called a cartridge  pleat. Stacks neatly into a small space.

Sarah will be happy to discuss the best heading for your curtains and window.