Why we should all love wool

Campaign for wool week celebrated it’s 10th anniversary in October and held lots of events to promote the benefits of wool. Launched in 2010 by Prince Charles, the Campaign for Wool aims to educate and raise the profile of wool as the natural sustainable fibre for fashion and interiors.

Wool mostly comes from sheep but it also comes from goats and alpacas.

Each year a sheep produces a fleece which is 100% natural. The sheep is given a haircut to remove its fleece. The fleece grows back which then makes it renewable.

Wool is also biodegradable. It decomposes in the soil and takes a short time to break down releasing valuable nutrients into the ground. It is also very hard wearing.

Because of the structure of wool it is able to absorb and release moisture. This makes wool a natural insulator, reacting to changes in body temperature and helping to maintain comfort in both cold and warm weather. Wool is also used as insulation in the building industry.

Wool is easy to care for and can repel stains and dirt. It does not generate much static electricity so attracts less dust. It doesn’t need to be washed as often as man-made fibres and it is washed at a lower temperature than most textiles. When wool is washed any fibres that are released are biodegradable, unlike synthetic fibres that release harmful micro-plastics into the environment.

Wool is very versatile

Wool can be fun too!

Make a difference and choose wool.