Why Buy Soft Furnishings from a Small Business?

I have been in the soft furnishings industry now for 15 years and one thing I have learnt is that people buy from people.  I’m a small business and I love to deliver a bespoke personal service.  My best service can really only be achieved by spending some time with customers in their homes.

It’s so much better to actually meet your customers in their homes and get a feel for their surroundings.  Also by seeing the windows and rooms can help you decide what solution would work.

Although I worked for a big high street store and visited customers in their homes it wasn’t the same as working for myself.  As a small business I have more control over the finished product. After all its just me that creates and makes the chosen product, not a large corporate machine.  Being a bespoke service I can also remember important little details like:

The window opens inwards and may cause a problem.

The curtains and blinds all need to be made from the top so the pattern looks the same on all windows in the room.

It’s a difficult bay window so needs special attention.

Bay window lathe and fascia

Over the years I have been lucky to get to know some of my customers and have repeat business.   Both sides have invested a lot of time choosing, sourcing and discarding ideas to get to the finished product.   What is a huge compliment for me is when some customers have become close friends.

For me, one of the most rewarding parts of the job is when you visit a customer who is happy for me to introduce ideas.  I take along some of my samples  so they can be seen with existing features in the room.  The customer makes a final choice, and is delighted when the finished article is a huge success.

In this current fast moving social media world I do love it when people contact me through my website.  After the initial contact I am always keen to speak on the phone as I feel that this is more customer focused.   I want to make the experience of buying curtains and blinds as easy and enjoyable as possible.

Please do get in touch if you would like some advice on 07747611160 and I shall be happy to help.

Enjoy the sunshine,

Sarah x