Upcycling curtains

I have noticed an upcycling trend in the work I have been asked to do recently.  Customers are asking for their existing curtains to be remade into other soft furnishings.  Not just alterations like lengthening and shortening but making a new item from the existing fabric.

Most of my customers had moved house and their existing curtains did not fit any of their new windows.

So this month I have spent hours unpicking very heavy and very long curtains mostly from Victorian houses.  They have been transformed into soft furnishings to fit windows in their new houses.

I have created new curtains using a variety of fabrics from embroidered linen, embroidered silk, silk taffeta and cotton prints.  These fabrics were good quality with classic designs. Dressing windows can be expensive so this is a great way to extend a fabric’s life and also reduce landfill.

Curtains made shorter and narrower.

Any left-over fabric or wastage from the old curtains can be made into cushions.

Sanderson Fabric made into shorter black out curtains to fit a new window.

Tips to upcycling your curtains

  • Ensure they are clean.  You can have them dry cleaned as it won’t matter too much if they shrink slightly.  You can always add a contrast border if you don’t have enough fabric.
  • Check for fading and wear and tear.
  • Measure carefully before cutting as the fabric cannot be replaced.

My own experience of upcycling curtains. 

The curtain fabric (shown below) was from some curtains at my husband’s family home.  It is a Sanderson fabric in a denim colour with cream roses.  Surprisingly it had not faded despite hanging in their dining room since 1959.  The curtains have been re-made into shorter narrower curtains with new lining and interlining.  Hopefully they will hang in our home for another 50 years!

Call me for a chat if you want advice on upcycling your soft furnishings.  Sarah