Throw – the ‘must have’ accessory for winter

During the winter evenings you can add extra warmth in your home by choosing a throw or blanket. Choosing the right throw will depend on where and how you will use it.  They can be used in most rooms, draped on sofas, chairs, beds and window seats and are a good way to brighten up a room and add interest.  Throws can also protect your sofa from stains, animal hairs and dust or cover a tired pattern.  Compared to buying a new sofa it is an inexpensive way to add changes.

For a cosy feel, soft throws work the best as these can come in contact with your skin so you don’t want anything too scratchy.  Faux fur, chenille and velvet are very tactile and create depth and texture to a room.  Unfortunately they are not so easy to clean if used on a regular basis, so before buying it is wise to check the care and washing label.

Throws come in a variety of fabrics, colours, textures and designs.  Heavier fabrics do not drape as well as lighter fabrics. It is a great way to add a splash of colour to a monochrome colour scheme or choose throws that contrast or compliment your existing decor. If your sofa is floral perhaps try a small herringbone pattern. You can have any number of throws, two or three in complimentary patterns and colours work well, there are no rules.

Throws can be neatly folded and placed over the back of the sofa or chair or they can be draped over the arm.  Folding it in a triangle and laying it over one arm of the sofa creates a relaxed look.  If the sofa is L shaped they can be neatly folded at the end or casually draped. You can re-arrange them each day for a different look.

You can add a touch of luxury with embroidered silk and satin in the bedroom. Quilted throws can be folded down at the end of the bed.

Bed throw

You can also choose a seasonal throw, linen and cottons in summer and wools and faux fur in winter.  Why not invest in a Christmas throw which can be brought out each December for a festive feeling.

Sofa Throw

Whatever the weather and whatever your taste there is a throw blanket to suit everyone.

Sarah x

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