The benefits of interlined curtains.

How can curtains can keep out the winter chills?

Since the temperature plummeted to minus figures this winter I am very grateful I took the time to make myself some interlined curtains.  A lot of your home’s heat is lost through the windows.  Single glazed and double glazed windows need insulation. With interlined curtains you can cut out the draughts, reduce your energy bills and keep your rooms warmer.

What are interlined curtains?

Interlining is an additional textile that sits between the main fabric and the lining.  It is like hanging a light weight blanket at your window.  Interlining comes in different weights, thickness and finishes.   The  main fabric acts as the first barrier to the escaping heat and the interlining and lining trap the air keeping you warmer.  Interlining not only helps minimize heat loss but makes the curtains look and drape better.

I have double glazed French doors and in the morning when I pull back the curtains,  the cold air hits me. With this in mind I decided to do a little test case one evening. I placed a thermometer in the door recess between the closed curtains and the glass.   My curtains have a cotton print fabric with a synthetic light weight interlining (sarille) and a standard curtain lining.  After only 15 minutes the thermometer in the recess read 13 degrees whilst the main room thermometer read 21 degrees.  That is 8 degrees difference. With the curtains open my room would struggle to stay at 21 degrees. When the curtains are closed the room is warm and cosy.  They really do shut out the cold and keep the heat in.  In summer they have the reverse effect and my room stays cool.

To provide good insulation your curtains should:

  • Interlined and lined.
  • Your curtains should always be wider and taller than the window frame or door.
  • Interlined curtains can be very heavy so they need to be installed with good tracks or poles.   Pelmets can also minimize heat loss through the top.
  • They need to be fitted closer to the wall with good returns (sides) so the heat cannot escape.
  • Door curtains should generally be overlong so that they sit on or touch the floor.

For further information on interlined curtains please get in touch by filling in the contact form or ringing me on 01442 808809.

Believe me, they really do make a difference.  Keep warm.  Sarah x