Pompoms, little balls of happiness.

As you already know I’m a big fan of a pompom bobble trimming and my love for these chic little balls of happiness continues to grow.  Imagine my delight when I saw this pompom garland in the restaurant where I was having a Christmas dinner.   For me there’s nothing more uplifting than seeing a row of these fluffy lovelies. Perhaps this love for pompoms stems from my childhood.

I came across this ‘make your own garland’ pack when I was out shopping recently.  It would have been a great present idea for someone to buy me.  Members of my family sometimes ask  “What would I like for Christmas?”  Unfortunately I can never think of anything.

You can add a touch of fun with a pompom trimming on the leading edge of a curtain or on the bottom of a roman blind.  These tactile bobbles can bring a smile to most people.  Pompoms can compliment or contrast fabric.

Who knew you could get books on pompoms?  From Pompomania to Pompom Noel there have been several books published on the subject.  A couple of these are now on my wish list for next year.

So deck the halls with lots of pompoms.

Best wishes Sarah