Laminated roller blinds

Did you know that you can make roller blinds using your own fabric?

You can use a soft furnishings fabric which is normally used for curtains, cushions and table cloths to produce roller blinds.  In order to get the fabric to stay in position and move up and down without slipping or puckering it has to go through a process known as lamination.

Lamination is a process in which the fabric is treated to become stiffer and stable. The lamination process goes through different heat and pressure stages and a lining is fused/bonded  to the back of the fabric.  It also seals the edges and makes the fabric suitable for precision cutting. The lining can be white or cream and also has a black out option.

Laminated Roller blind which has been reverse rolled so you don’t see the tube. Fabric is ‘Monkey business’ by Clarke & Clarke

A laminated roller blind is a good option in children’s rooms instead of roman blinds.  Laminated roller blinds can also be spring loaded and you can add a single short pull cord in the centre with an acorn which eliminates chains.

However not all fabric is suitable for lamination.  Velvet, silk, embroidered and highly textured fabrics are not recommended as the laminate can bubble.  Also checks and thin stripes can sometimes move and become wonky.   If you are unsure if your fabric is suitable, a sample piece can be sent to me for testing.

Wide blinds can also be laminated.  The fabric is pattern matched and joined.  Seams are symmetrical on wide blinds and a seam will never be down the middle of the blind.

The roller blind tubes come in different sizes depending on the width and drop of your blind.  You can have standard or reverse roll options.  I would always suggest the reverse roll option on a laminated blind, this is because you will always see the back of the blind on the tube if you choose the standard roll option.

If you are unsure how much fabric you will need to laminate your blind please call and I will be more than happy to work this out for you.  Best wishes Sarah