Keep Cool with Blackout Curtains and Blinds

If you want to keep cool in a heatwave then black out window treatments are one of the best ways to maintain the temperature in the room.   They will help to keep the room cooler in summer and warmer in winter.  They  are generally white not black and come in all colours.   The most popular blackout colours are white and ivory as lighter colours help to reflect the sun.

They’re ideal for blocking out sunlight and heat from very sunny windows and they are easily opened at cooler times to allow ventilation.

In summer, be sure to close the curtains, blinds and the actual window/door before the sun starts to stream in.  Don’t let the room heat up first as you will trap the heat in.  Fitting a good quality window treatment will not only keep the room cooler but block out harmless rays and help protect carpets and furniture from fading and bleaching.

Black out curtains can help to muffle exterior noises which is great if you live near a busy road.

They are also a good idea if you want to darken a room in order to sleep longer or if you want to create a media room and watch your favourite TV programme on a sunny day.

So with soaring energy bills one of the simplest and easiest solutions is black out window treatments.  If you would like any advice please give me a call on 07747611160 or use the contact form on my website.  Thank you for reading this curtains and blinds blog.

Hope you keep cool this summer,

Sarah x

Photographs by kind permission of  The Ashley Wilde Group