Inspired by Nature

Lavender and Sunflowers in Provence?   No this is Hitchin in sunny Hertfordshire where the fields are a beautiful purple and yellow from June until September. As you get out of the car the smell of the lavender is amazing. It is also reassuring to see lots of bees. Armed with scissors and a paper carrier bag given at the entrance, I picked to my heart’s content. I walked between the lavender rows to the brow of the rolling hill, then looked back at England’s pleasant countryside.

After a bite to eat at the on-site restaurant and a visit to the gift shop where I resisted the lavender chocolate for sale, I headed home.


As I left this wonderful place I thought ” What a great way to spend a sunny morning.”

At the moment the house smells of lavender which I am busily drying for future projects. In the meantime I have made some lavender bags.   I will show you how to make these in my next blog , they are very easy to make.

Home-made lavender bags

Best Wishes