How to Make Gift Labels using Fabric Remnants

If you love fabrics as much as I do it always feels wrong to throw away even the smallest scraps of fabric. As a soft furnisher there are only so many covered buttons you can make! Of course you could keep them for a future patchwork project or donate them to schools.
Instead I thought I would show you how you can create some eye-catching labels with tiny pieces of fabric.

This summer I wanted to make some Elderflower cordial. I recycled some used bottles which were a bit plain and because I wanted to give a couple of bottles as gifts they needed prettying up. I decided to make some gift labels and use the small pieces of fabric. As you see they can turn a drab bottle into something more personal.


Elderflower cordial and sparkling water, so refreshing on a hot day. Cheers!

Here’s a step by step guide on how to create some beautiful labels for bottles, jars or presents.

You will need:

thin card (any colour will do)
fabric remnants
small eyelet machine (hole punch if you do not have one)
pen (calligraphy if you have one)
pinking shears

The labels have three sections.

First step, cut your card to fit the bottle, jar or present. This is down to personal preference. My card label size was 5cm x 9cm.
Next step, using your pinking shears, cut some fabric slightly smaller than the card so the card creates a slight border.
Then cut the top label. My size was 1.5cm x 8cm. (This is the section you write on)
Next, stack each section on top of each other

Place all sections on top of each other

Then using an eyelet machine or hole punch, make a hole to go through all three.

I added an eyelet for extra decoration but you don’t have to.
Write on your top card section.

Thread some ribbon or raffia through the label.

You now have some lovely personalised labels.  Tie to the bottle or use sellotape to secure.

Home-made cordial

I hope you enjoy making these. Good luck. Sarah. x