How to darken your bedroom and sleep for longer.

Want to darken your room and sleep longer? If you’ve been waking up early with the sun streaming in your room then it’s probably a good time to think about getting black out curtains, blinds or both. Of course we all want to sleep longer on sunny mornings especially at weekends or perhaps we just want to watch a favourite TV programme more effectively on a sunny day.

Parents of young infants want black out solutions for their bedrooms especially when they have infants needing afternoon naps or when it’s bedtime during the light evenings.

Here are a few of my suggestions to darken a bright window for a dreamy nights sleep

Buy a black out roller blind to fit in the recess. There will be more light seepage if fitted outside, so it’s more effective to fit this inside the recess. The brackets are 1.5cm from the edge of the fabric at each side so there will still be gaps of light.

If choosing curtains, a curtain track fits much closer to the wall or ceiling than a curtain pole. A pole sticks out more and will let in more light as you can see in the picture below.

If you don’t like tracks then try the Silent Gliss Metropole which is a track that has been rounded to look like a pole. The Metropole is good solution for bay windows. A popular choice is to have a white blackout roller in the recess and then have curtains or a roman blind with black out lining on the outside of the recess. If you have existing curtains that let the light shine through, you can buy pre-made black out linings which simply attach to your curtains. These are available in different sizes and widths.

You can also fit curtains under a pelmet or a covered lathe and fascia. This blocks off light at the top of the curtains.

Wooden pelmet

Roman blinds with a black out lining are more effective for eliminating light if fitted outside the recess. However there will be light seepage around the edges of the blind and possibly through the stitching.

Shutters are diffusers of light rather than blackout. There is light seepage where the louvre/slats meet and where the opening frame meets. The level of light seepage may very across the shutter.

Pleated blinds sit closer to the sides of the window if they are fitted in the recess. Opt for the honeycomb/duette blinds which have the cord holes in the fabric at the back of the blind. There will still be light seepage around the edges of the blind which is greatly reduced if fitted within a frame or side channel like Perfect Fit blinds.

No blind, curtain or shutter can give you 100% blackout but it will considerably dim the amount of sunshine flooding into your room.

If you would like further advice on darkening your room please get in touch on Mobile 07747611160 or fill in the contact form.

I hope you have a restful summer.

Sarah x