Curtain Call – Show Stealing Curtains

Windows are a natural focal point and define the mood and style of your room. With lots of great curtain fabrics around it can be hard to choose the right one.  The first step is to decide which window treatment is right for your window.  Is the room sunny or dark, cold or warm.  How much privacy and light do you want?

Windows can be dressed according to the season.  Do you want summer sun or winter warmth?

For summer, these window treatments tend to be more casual and breezy.

You can create some drama by adding light fabrics like cottons, linens and voiles that soften the window but let in plenty of daylight. Add crisp whites, natural greens and pastel colours to keep your rooms feeling fresh and airy.

In winter, with shorter days and howling gales you may want curtains that insulate in the evenings but stack back away from the windows when the light is low.

Winter dressings tend to be more formal and heavier than summer ones.  Damask, velvet and wool are traditional fabric choices.

Take your time when choosing fabric and get a swatch sample to hold up at your window.

Choosing the right hardware is also important and it can be hard to decide what curtain pole or track to use.

Choose hardware that compliments the colour of your curtains and remember that your curtains need to open and close effortlessly.

Double curtain poles allow you to layer two types of curtains. The outer layer can be easily changed with the seasons.

The right curtains give a room polish, so if you need help and advice please telephone: 07747611160  or fill in the contact form.