Dressing bi-fold doors

If you have glazed external bi-fold doors you may have found that due to the size of them they are sometimes a bit tricky to dress. More and more homeowners are having them fitted and they are becoming a popular choice.

Over 4 metres

Bi-fold doors can take up the whole space of an external wall and are generally very wide and tall. There is sometimes very little space above the door or to the sides, so it is important to choose a dressing that does not hinder the movement of the door.

You may want to add curtains or blinds for the following reasons :
For privacy if your window is overlooked.
You don’t want to live in a gold fish bowl especially at night!
For shade if your window gets the midday sun.
If you want to watch the TV and are worried about the glare of the sun.
If you want to close off another room (internal bi-fold doors) and make a room feel cosy.

So which to choose, curtains or blinds?

It all depends on your windows, some companies have bi-fold doors with built in blinds.
If not, is there enough space at the top to fix blinds?
Do the doors open outwards or inwards? Will blinds, if attached to the frames of the bi-folds prevent the doors from folding back neatly?

If you are thinking of fitting curtains, your hardware needs to be up to the task as you are going to need a lot of fabric to cover all that glass. Lots of curtain fabric can be heavy and thin flimsy poles or tracks will bend in the middle.

50mm stainless steel pole with recess brackets

If the door opens outwards you can fit a track in the recess. You will lose some light as the curtains will stack into the glass at either side when open. However if you fit a track or pole outside the recess the curtains will fold into the room and can make it feel smaller.

White 1280 track top fixed in the recess. This is a discreet heavy duty track that can cope with the weight

The left curtain above is unhooked at the end so that the curtain can be moved over to right side if the door is in use.

Single curtain on a pole with passing brackets and C rings

If you decide to choose a pole be careful when choosing off the peg pole kits. They generally only have 3 brackets which may not be adequate if the pole is over 4 metres.

How about having some light linen, sheer or voile curtains, these can soften dark grey window frames. When the doors are open they will gently blow in the breeze. Linen and Voiles come in a variety of colours with white being the popular choice – very Scandinavian.

If you would like some advice on dressing bi-fold doors, please get in touch and I would be happy to help. Sarah.