Chinoiserie decor

During lockdown many of us have taken pleasure from nature in our gardens and the countryside. If you want to know how to add nature into your home decoration then take inspiration from chinoiserie with sumptious wallpapers, fabrics and ceramics.

Chinoiserie drew inspiration from flowers, birds, animals and elaborate garden scenes.

The definition of chinoiserie, which comes from the French word chinois, or “Chinese,” is a style of art, furniture, decoration, etc. that has Chinese or East Asian influences. The style developed in the 17th century during Europe’s flourishing trade with East Asia.

Chinoiserie decorating styles have been around for centuries and there has been a resurgence in recent times. The classic chinoiserie was very bold and ornate. Today’s modern interpretation is much more toned down but can still add a touch of elegance and drama to a space. There are lots of pretty wallpapers with birds and blossom available that also work well in a bedroom.

The Europeans began using their own interpretations of Asia’s art and culture. Birds feature heavily in chinoiserie so you could add a modern print bird cushion to your decor.

Traders began importing tea from Asia which grew in popularity and the demand for elaborate tea tables, tea chests, tea sets encouraged the demand for chinoiserie.

Tea caddy 21st century

Chinoiserie is much more than just the delft blue and white china we have come to know. If you want to inject a little chinoiserie in your home try a few decorative ginger jars, vases or lamps

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Enjoy the summer flora and fauna.

Sarah x