Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are vertical louvres or slats that are generally made of material, metal or PVC. They clip vertically onto a sliding track at the top. The individual slats are weighted at the bottom and can be joined together by chains. They come in a wide range of colours and textures. The vertical louvres or slats overlap slightly and are particularly good for controlling the light and privacy of your window.

Verticals blinds can cover larger windows and are good value for money. Damaged slats can easily be replaced. You can even have alternate coloured slats for a modern look. Put a strip of coloured mood lights behind them for a different ambience. They are popular in kitchen patio windows and tend to be used in conservatories. They look more sleek and contemporary fitted within the recess but you can have them fitting outside the recess. Just remember if you fit them outside the recess they will close in the room more. Verticals can stack in a small space and have multi stack options. You can have left hand stack, right hand stack or split draw which stacks either side of the window. You can also choose your cord or wand location. There are black out options but be aware you will still get some light seepage.

Vertical blinds are easy to maintain and easy to clean.