Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are the most popular style of blind.  They are a good choice if you want a minimalist look as they are contemporary and stylish. A roman blind has no fussy frills but is a flat piece of material when closed and opens by pulling up the fabric.  This folds up like a concertina with soft smart horizontal folds or pleats.

They look neat and stylish and are particularly useful for very narrow, tall windows or where there is no room for traditional curtains to be drawn back. If you have shorter windows, they can make your windows look taller if they are fitted in the right position. Roman blinds are made from fabric and operated by a pulley chain.

Roman blinds can be an efficient use of space and light especially when dressing smaller windows in small rooms.  Curtains can overwhelm a small window and close the room in. Roman blinds need less fabric than curtains so are appealing if on a budget.

Blinds can be fitted inside or outside the window recess.  Roman blinds make an efficient use of space and light especially when dressing smaller windows in small rooms.  They are perfect for dormer windows when there is no housing space for curtains.

Dormer window

Roman work well with windows that have radiators situated underneath them, long curtains can cover the radiator and block out the heat.   If you choose a black out lining this will stop draughts and help to keep the heat in during colder months.  You can also control how much you open or lower the roman blind to different pleat levels to give privacy and protect from the sun’s rays.

Roman blinds need good linings to be durable.  A good quality lining gives the blind stability and shape and it helps to protect the face fabric from fading with the sun. Blackout linings are recommended on very sunny windows and bedroom windows.

You can create impact and experiment with bold designs and colours without being too overpowering.  You can add contrast borders down the edges of a roman blind or you can add trimmings and embellishments to the top or the bottom of the blind.

Roman blinds are easier to vacuum and clean.  They are more hygienic than curtains as they don’t collect as much pollen and dust which is a consideration for people with allergies.

If you wish to use two different fabrics for your Roman blind, I am happy to advise on the best combination of complementary colours and textures.  Narrow bands of contrasting plain material can be inset in floral, checked or striped blinds creating a unique effect.  You can also combine two patterned fabrics, to create an eclectic look.  Sheer roman blinds are also possible.  Electric operation is also available.

On wider blinds where a seam is required we would never put the seam down the middle.  We always put two seams either side.  This looks much more professional and is more pleasing to the eye. (good symmetry)

Bay windows are hard to dress with any kind of window treatment but with some careful measuring, roman blinds are possible.  With bay windows there will always be compromises.  Depending on the type of bay you may find gaps between the blinds in the corners.  Also the folds add bulk at the top and the window handles may get in the way and stop the blind running smoothly.

Heavy upholstery fabrics are not really suitable for roman blinds.  Due to the stitching, thick and very heavy fabrics can look like quilts when lowered down.

All blinds are supplied on a chain operated mechanism which conforms to BS EN 13120 – Child Safety for Blinds

Not All Roman Blinds are the Same

There is a huge choice of roman blinds from competitors but you should bear in mind that they may well be made by machine, have a simple single lining and have a basic head rail with machine stitching across the front. Some of the cheaper blinds on the market also use a bonded lining rather than a separate interlining.

Sarah Speak Soft Furnishings make bespoke roman blinds with care and attention in Raskelf, York For further details please fill in the contact form or ring 07747611160.