Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are the most popular style of blind and are made from fabric and operate by a pulley. When raised, the blind concertinas into large horizontal pleats, leaving a good segment of fabric on show.

They look neat and stylish and are particularly useful for very narrow, tall windows or where there is no room for traditional curtains to be drawn back.

Blinds can be fitted inside or outside the window recess.  They also require less fabric than curtains and so can be more cost effective if you are on a tight budget.

If you wish to use two different fabrics for your Roman blind, I are happy to advise on the best combination of complementary colours and textures.  Narrow bands of contrasting plain material can be inset into floral, checked or striped blinds to great effect.  For an eclectic look combine two patterned fabrics.  Sheer roman blinds are also possible.

All blinds are supplied on a chain operated mechanism which conforms to BS EN 13120 – Child Safety for Blinds

Not All Roman Blinds are the Same

All my roman blinds are hand stitched and have a high quality headrail and winder mechanism.

There is a huge choice of roman blinds from competitors but you should bear in mind that they may well be made by machine, have a simple single lining and have a basic headrail with machine stitching across the front.

Some of the cheaper blinds on the market also use a bonded lining rather than a separate interlining.

So if you are comparing blinds that you have seen on the web or from large and small retailers on the high street, do remember that not all roman blinds are the same.



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